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Let your self worth shine - an NCV workshop

Here is a workshop to propose concrete strategies that hold the potential to turn guilt into self esteem, judgements into connection, doubts into action, in a learning experience toward self-love.

A workshop for those who can relate to those sentences:
😔 I am hard with myself and others.
😖 I judge myself, I feel guilty
😕 I tell myself that I was wrong, "I shouldn't do this..." or "I should..."
😒 I tend to prioritize other's needs first.
😫 I blame myself for what happened.
😢 I am tired of judging myself.

Did you answer "yes" to any of these affirmations?

Because when your hearings the words of others and take them as a personal attack, thinking 🤔 💭 "I'm not that good at this", "What I did is not good enough", it create pressure, heaviness in everyday life.

Then when you are mistaken, that you blame yourself for what happened by saying "I'm not even able to do that", "I should have listened to you", it creates discouragement and affects self-esteem.

Is this your experience?

This workshop was created to inspire you to move away from guilt for you to nourish your self-esteem, self worth and self love, in the way you speak to yourself and communication with others.

This workshop is offered by Carolyne Dupré, Certified Trainer by the Nonviolent Communication Center, the CNVC, in collaboration with Transition NDG.

Let your self worth shine - an NCV workshop

When : Thursday March 7th 2019
Schedule : from 7pm until 9:30 pm
Location : The Chalet in Girouard/NDG Park (5 minutes from Vendome metro - Girouard and Sherbrooke bus stop). 3500 Girouard, Montreal, QC H4A 3C5.
Cost : 20$

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Carolyne Dupré is a CNVC Certified Trainer, from the CNVC Center of Non Violent Communication.


She is mother of three teens and a consultant and facilitator in Compassionate Communication, also called NVC. Through her experience, playfulness, and enthusiasm, she offers a learning experience based on empathy, authenticity, equity and connection. 

For the second year in a row, Carolyne Dupré is offering opportunities to learn NVC in collaboration with Transition NDG. Her teachings provide the community with strategies to develop inner transition by experiencing compassionate communication, authenticity, and empathy. 

"Understanding & expressing emotions"
an NVC workshop offered in collaboration with Transition NDG


😤Are you feeling overwhelmed with your emotions that are difficult for you to handle in your every day life and relationships?

😒 Are you unsure about expressing what your feeling and would like to be honest about it within your relationships in a way that would sustain harmony?

✔️Do you want to identify with more clarity your emotions and be able to express them in an authentic way? 

Emotions are part of our daily lives. The healthy expression of emotions is a learning process that allows us to create more connection and harmony in our relationships. Compassionate communication allows us to learn and develop the ability to express our emotions in an honest and respectful way.

During this workshop we will learn to understand, identify the emotions we are feeling, and experiment the expression of your authenticity. We will also learn what are the elements that blocks communication and why doesn't it generate mutual understanding.


« Understanding & expressing emotions » An NVC - Compassionate communication workshop

This workshop will be offered in english, french welcomed.

When : Tuesday March 19th 2019
Time : From 7 pm until 9:30 pm
Location : At the Chalet in Girouard/NDG Park (5 minutes from Vendome metro - Girouard and Sherbrooke bus stop). 3500 Girouard, Montreal, QC H4A 3C5

Cost :
20$ - Regular ticket

Registration: As space is limited, please register in advance : CLICK HERE

We're looking forward to sharing these practices and tools with you!

The compassionate communication approch

Compassionate communication, also referred to by the term of Non-Violent Communication (NVC) and it is accessible to all. Developed by Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.d. in clinical psychology and formed by Carl Rogers, this approach is now taught in more than 65 countries around the world.

Is addressed to all the people who are committed to live these values :

- Learn how to recognize & respond to ones needs in a peaceful  manner in kindness and respect for the needs of others within the relationships. 

- Develop its capacity to be attentive, to listen and to express themselves genuinely.

- Develop capacities to address conflicts in a collaborative way to sustain satisfaction in relationships with others.

NVC-dialogo-expression-compassionate com

I propose, in collaboration with Transition NDG, an interactive NVC workshop to develop and deepen your interpersonal skills based on cooperation and mutual respect. We will explore how to apply these skills in real life situations such as meetings, resolving conflicts, decision-making, beyond the habits of compromise and judgments.

😒 Do you try to express yourself and the others are reacting in a defensive mode?

😩 Do you feel annoyed in situations of conflict where you'd want to act with compassion rather than react with anger or by shutting down?

🙋🏽‍♀️ Did you choose the resolution to transform your judgments and critics into respectful expressions in your relationships?

😤 Do you want to disentangle the conflict that stand in the way of experiencing more harmony? 

😣 Are you uncertain or feeling discomfort as your learning to identify your feelings and would like to express them with more authenticity and ease?

👉🏻 Are you feeling discouraged or overwhelmed when it comes to identifying and meeting your needs and you want to learn how to do so in a fun way? 

👍🏼 Can you relate with the above situations? 

The objectives of this workshop are :

✔️Better identify how my ability to communicate can limit or create an opportunity to experience cooperation.

✔️Deepen my ability to integrate empathy and authenticity into my communications. 

✔️Learn to create favorable conditions to communicate with confidence, even in contexts of tension.

Are you interested in experimenting this opportunity?